Art Cafe Campbelltown

We are passionate about creating food that is a joy to eat.


Vibrant, diverse, bold, delightful. Our menu celebrates our vibrant community. From the classics to cutting-edge, each dish brings a flavour of our city’s distinct culture and character.


We strive to expand people’s food experiences; plating up dishes influenced by a multitude of cultures and inclusive of all dietary needs. Our innovative menus are savoured and enjoyed by all who join us on our culinary journey.


Every dish we serve and every beverage we pour is designed to intimately stimulate the senses. Every food experience is an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and showcase our artistic prowess.

Art Cafe Campbelltown. The cafe is located in the Campbelltown Arts Centre. Across the road from Aquafit and the Visitor Information Centre. Take a seat, take a sip, you will certainly enjoy yourself. Enjoy the serene Japanese gardens in Campbelltown, and as a result you can relax. We have a great menu, therefore you will enjoy your time with us.

Campbelltown Arts Centre is located on Dharawal land, consequently, Campbelltown Arts Centre is proudly owned by the people of Campbelltown, therefore it is a cultural facility of Campbelltown City Council.

Above all, as a symbol of friendship between the two cities, 150 Koshigaya residents visited Campbelltown altogether as part of the Australian Bicentennial celebrations in April 1988. In addition, they presented a gift of a traditional 16th century style Japanese tea house to Campbelltown. Most importantly, a qualified Japanese builder lived in Campbelltown for three months as the tea house was constructed. It is located in the Japanese Garden of the Campbelltown Arts Centre. In addition, the cafe is place at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, therefore you can enjoy a display of art and culture. You will love our menus, for example the Japanese pancake is a huge favourite. Moreover, Chef’s burgers are enjoyed by all!

Located in the heart of Campbelltown within the Arts Centre, our cafe is perfectly positioned to take in the serene landscape of the Japanese Gardens

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